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  • Zigg’n Wigg’n

    Zigg’n Wigg’n

    Meet Ziggy! That is definitely a purr-fect face, isn’t it? Ziggy has cerebellar hypoplasia, along with his adopted brother, Tardy Peebucket. You can read more about cerebellar hypoplasia at and on Tardy’s personal website, . our sweet boys 🙂

  • Harriette


    She was once known as “Harri-Bitch”, but she has mellowed out over the years to one of the sweetest cats ever…..well, except that odd meow that sounds like a creakie door.

  • Ditch Kitten

    Ditch Kitten

    This was my Ditchie. She was born in May Of 2007, and died in May of 2008. She will always live in my heart as my little kitten, Ditchy had kidney failure and never grew biggger than a 16 week old kitten. I loved her so much and will miss her always.

  • Tardy Peebucket

    Tardy Peebucket

    This is Tardy, the most spoiled and special kitty in the whole world. Tardy was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, which makes him walk like a drunken sailor, but other than balance issues, he is the sweetest and most wonderful kitty EVER!!! We love Tardy!!!

  • Pumpkin


    The name is Pie, PUMPKIN Pie!!

  • Orkev Ophelia

    Orkev Ophelia

    Here is the true purrfect face, and a true purrfect cat. Sweet, gentle, loving, what a gem. My love for this little girl goes deep.

  • King Kevin

    King Kevin

    Kevin, My Prince, BoyBoy, I love this cat!!! Rescued from a bad lady who was kicking him down the street, his first meal on the front seat of my car, my morning bagel with cream cheese, smartest cat I’ve ever met, he can open doors AND teach other cats how to do it!!! I love…

  • Borisanne


    Gorgeous Borisanne, saved from the bad motel people, loved from the day she jumped into my arms.

  • Mr. Handsome

    Mr. Handsome

    The name says it all!! He is a very handsome cat, mellow and dignified, we love him!!!

  • Benjamin T. Bratt

    Benjamin T. Bratt

    Benjamin The Bratt, cutest little boy ever!! He is THE boy of the family, and he can do the most amazing thing, he can do The Wave!!! He sits up and stretches his arms out and starts waving, it’s sooooo cute!!